Magaly Medina makes fun of Yahaira Plasencia after he lost the air during a concert in Punta Cana – MAG.

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Yahaira Plasencia She recently surprised her followers by performing her hit song “Dime” a cappella at Kamm’s ‘show case’ in the Dominican Republic, however, Magaly Medina criticized her stage performance as she did not use breathing techniques.

“She doesn’t have the physique to sing a single of her songs, of course she was also there without the support, when she sings in Lima she relies a lot from the choirs, that’s why when Sergio George goes to an international presentation, he prefers that she sing with clue, so it does not make any foolishness “, critical.

The popular ‘Urraca’ made fun of the sauce boat after pointing out that she does not have the necessary physical condition to be able to dance and sing at the same time.

“I am distressed to see her. You cannot move or take one step at a time. She spins around so that we don’t notice her voice but her butt. It makes you want to say to the person who is recording: ‘Now cut it, let her breathe the poor thing’. It’s going to turn purple. An oxygen balloon to the Yaha when I sing “he pointed out laughing.

It should be noted that Yahaira Plasencia has recently announced that she is evaluating residing in Miami to dedicate herself fully to her career and thus achieve international success with Sergio George.

“I am happy because my work is giving results, I think that little by little it is being achieved that programmers, so important from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico know my name, know my music, for me that is enough, everything adds to my career”, He said for the newspaper El Trome.

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