Magaly Medina on indiscipline Carlos Zambrano at Boca Juniors: “Peruvian players will never change”

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The indiscipline of Carlos Zambrano at Boca Juniors was not unrelated to Magaly Medina, who referred to this embarrassing situation in the recent edition of his show program, where the footballer has starred in different ‘ampays’.

The host of “Magaly TV: La Firme” commented that both Zambrano and other national footballers “will not change” despite their past mistakes.

“What a roche, they keep doing theirs. Peruvian players are a case and frankly they will never change “, Medina pointed out sharply.

The Boca Juniors squad continues to work to close the season, although the week has not been quiet: a scandal arose around the indiscipline of Carlos Zambrano, Edwin Cardona and Sebastián Villa. However, despite the news in the sports press, for now the athletes will continue to be active in the Argentine club.

Through the official channels of ‘Xeneize’, the list of players who will be considered by coach Sebastián Battaglia for the match against Arsenal de Sarandí was announced. The players involved in the controversial case of insubordination to the rules were included in the payroll, to the surprise of the fans.

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