Magaly Medina on possible reconciliation between Sofía Franco and Álvaro Paz: “Reality surpasses fiction”

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Magaly Medina criticized the statements of Sofia Franco, who pointed out that she and her still husband, Álvaro Paz de la Barra, are trying to give themselves a new opportunity after the family violence scandal that they both carried out.

My ears couldn’t believe what she was saying, that she was fixing things with her still husband. (…) His statements have left everyone, including me, stunned“, he pointed.

After pointing out that Sofía Franco was the victim of public humiliation, Medina considered that the driver, who was also the driver, should not bear this type of treatment.

Now it turns out that Sofía Franco received amnesia and says that they are giving themselves a new chance. (…) The fact that they have a parental relationship does not indicate that a woman like her, or any other, forgets these facts”, He questioned.

The popular ‘Urraca’ believes that this new rapprochement between the two is related to the upcoming municipal elections, and that the mayor of La Molina would be seeking to clean up his image after starring in police scandals.

Álvaro Paz de la Barra wants to run for mayor of Lima, it already worked for him before when he launched himself in La Molina, remember that he got married a few days before the elections, she walked the hills with him”, He specified.


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