Magaly Medina on the feast of the daughter of Samahara Lobatón: “It’s like throwing money into the water” | VIDEO – MAG.

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Magaly medina In the recent broadcast of his program, he had Yunko Do Santos as a guest, the organizer of the event who was in charge of planning the luxurious birthday party of the daughter of Samahara Lobatón, which would have had the value of S / 120 thousand soles.

The first thing that Do Santos clarified is that he has the vouchers that would confirm that Melissa Klug’s daughter did pay him for the service she offered. “Artists write to me, I don’t write to artists, I don’t have to write to anyone because I make a living from my work ”, pointed at the beginning.

The television host was incredulous and explained why she believes that most of the party was paid for in exchange.

“Brands must be happy because they have had a presence on all television programs. You are the king of marketing. In addition, I have seen her thank several companies of this party, so it cannot be said that everything was paid ”, express.

In addition, the ATV figure questioned that Samahara has spent so much money on a children’s party, being so young and still not having a good in his name.

“Although everyone spends their money on what they want, but this little girl does not have a car of her own or something of her own, and is spending S / 120 thousand soles at a party, it is like throwing money into the water, being such a young girl . And the barber I don’t think I can afford this”, He concluded.

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