Magaly Medina on the triumph of Isabel Acevedo: “You will always be the ex-partner of Christian Domínguez”

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In the recent edition of “Magaly TV: La Firme”, Magaly medina took a few minutes to refer to the recent triumph of Isabel Acevedo in the relity “Reinas del Show”.

The ATV figure made fun of the popular ‘Chabelita’ for saying that she triumphed in Gisela Valcárcel’s program with “her own name.” “She was one more dancer of the staff of dancers who accompany, in this type of dance shows, which do have their own name, do you understand? She was one more, like the Anthony Aranda of this world “, commented at first.

At another time, Magaly Medina pointed out that the dancer “does not have her own name”, since she became known for her relationship with the singer Christian Domínguez.

“He has said so many times that he has won the crown with a proper name that has harassed me. Chabelita, you are Chabelita, the ex of Christian Domínguez, Chabelita the one who sawed La Tarazona, Chabelita the one who took Tarazona’s husband, that’s … What happens is that she is not known for a talent, but for being the ex of Christian Domínguez “, said the television host.

Magaly Medina called ‘Chabelita’ a ‘huachafa’ for saying that she has won the award thanks to her effort and with “her own name.”

“It’s a huachafada, because when you get your name known, you’re there, but if she has been invited to all programs, it is because she has been the partner of Christian Domínguez. Talent more than dance, we do not know him. So its proper name, three cucumbers are worth me ”, said.

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