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Magaly Medina reveals who is the only celebrity character who could not protect

Magaly medina welcomed Jorge Benavides, who returns to ATV with his cast for a new comedy show. Thus, the popular “Urraca” remembered Carlos Vílchez, a character who, as he said, “was always more than his jackals,” since they never caught him in an ampay.

“He has been one of the most persecuted characters by my television cameras in the period of the first 15 years“Medina commented on his program. He also affirmed that he is the only celebrity character who can boast that he was never protected.

“He was always more than the jackals, he always beat them. When we thought that we already had him protected, red-handed, he managed to evade our surveillance and escaped “he confessed.

Medina pointed out that, when the cameras arrived, Vílchez was slipping out the back door or her “friends” were at another table or already in another place. “We never supported him and he boasts of that until now. It’s true, you were the only one who escaped us ”, the driver sentenced.

It should be noted that Vílchez is part of the cast of Jorge Benavides, who no longer renewed his contract with Latina and migrated to ATV with all his actors for a new format.

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