Magaly Medina surprised by attending the anniversary of “Because today is Saturday with Andrés”

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Magaly medina surprised viewers after appearing at Panamericana Televisión studios to attend the anniversary of the program Andres Hurtado, with whom for years he did not have a good relationship.

The host of “Magaly TV, La Firme” admitted that her presence in “Because today is Saturday with Andrés” is part of a commitment she had with the comedian and with her daughters, whom she has a high regard for.

While remembering how she met Josetty Hurtado, Magaly Medina could not help calling the driver “Chibolín”, a nickname with which Andres Hurtado he was known in his days as a comedian.

The comic actor interrupted the popular ‘Urraca’ to ask her to call him by his real name, unleashing the laughter of the host who asked him not to forget his roots in the artistic world.

“You owe a lot to your character ‘Chibolín’, one has to be grateful with his past, because part of what one has been and is precisely what he is now”said the show host with a laugh.

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