Magaly Medina to Flavia Laos for her physical changes: “So young and doing that”

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The television host Magaly medina He talked about the physical changes he had Flavia Laos, who recently turned 24 years old.

“So young and making those changes. She doesn’t look like ‘Susy Diaz’ ​​but she does look different ”, The presenter pointed out about the various surgeries that the model would have performed.

“So big and voluminous the mouth. This is achieved with hyaluronic acid and many people to save money, because hyaluronic is not cheap, they go anywhere and put what is commonly called airplane oil and then complain ”, commented on the care they should have of these aesthetic processes.

For Medina, the changes in the lips that Laos has put on are not favorable, because he has a small face. “With that little face it’s too much, you can’t even close your mouth”, points to his photograph.

Also, question the place where they have been placed because these models are given everything for free. “They have all the exchange and they offer them everything for free. It is not always recommended. We all want some sculpted magazine figures, but we must not put our lives at risk. Everyone has been struck by their changes ”, sentenced.

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