Magaly Medina to Sheyla Rojas for not taking her son to Mexico: “You are selfish as a mother” | VIDEO

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Sheyla Rojas was linked from Spain with Magaly medina to talk about his family life, his new relationship and also about how he managed to smooth things over with the father of his son, Antonio Pavón.

In the middle of the conversation, the ATV journalist surprised the former reality girl after questioning her about the reasons why her son Antoñito is not taking her to live with her in Mexico.

“I do not understand, if you already have an established life there (Mexico), you have a boyfriend who takes you on as a girlfriend, you have a pretty comfortable life, why not take your child with you so that he or she can enjoy the things you are enjoying with you ”, Medina questioned.

“I fought with Antonio for so many years that I said that maybe it was good that my son shared time with his father (…) You better than anyone know that the fights with him were endless, but that does not mean that I was abandoning my son, or leaving him aside ”, the model replied.

In that sense, the popular ‘Urraca’ asked Rojas if her boyfriend opposes her taking Antoñito to live with them.

“It is rare that you privilege being alone with your boyfriend and that you do not share your happiness with the most important person in your life: your son. Instead of sending it to Spain Why did you spend time with you or does your boyfriend object? (…) Why don’t you want to integrate it into your life? Let them share tenure for you in Mexico for six months, Antonio for six months. Antoñito does not have his mother by his side ”, he rebuked.

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Sheyla replied that her son is enjoying spending time with his father and the other members of his family. “It sounds ugly as you say … It’s summer here, my son is enjoying his cousins ​​a lot, he goes to the beach, he’s happy. I’m going to return, but they are also going to go to Mexico, “he said.

Finally, the journalist opened up and told Sheyla that she found it selfish as a mother. “It seems to me that you are a bit selfish as a mother, because if you have a stable partner, that man you say he loves you, then what you raise first is: ‘I have a son and he comes to live with me. He will visit his father as many times as he wants, if he can ‘, but his home should always be where you are ”, Medina pointed out.

Your thought seems absurd to me. I feel that we have made the best decision, because my son is happy (…) This year we have arranged with Antonio for my son to share with him and with his family, just as he lived with me for so many years and nobody said anything ”, Sheyla replied.

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