Magaly Medina to Shirley Arica for celebrating her birthday in Vichayito: “If you have other needs, take better care of your ticket” | VIDEO

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Magaly medina she couldn’t help but be outraged and criticize Shirley Arica, because the popular ‘Reality Girl’ traveled to the north of the country, exactly to the beaches of Vichayito, to celebrate her 32nd birthday with a group of friends.

The words of the journalist against the model took place after the last edition of her program “Magaly TV: La Firme” a note was issued in which They showed photos and videos of the celebration, which were shared by Shirley and her friends on their social networks.

The party, which apparently lasted a couple of days, was held in an exclusive house that is rented for events in that spa, and The journalist questioned that Arica was traveling and having fun in the midst of the controversy with Rodney Pío Dean, the father of her daughter, to whom he has accused of not paying pension for the girl.

“I always wonder and you (the public) will say: ‘But Magaly, what do you care about people? … But the truth is she is always complaining about the economy, that the father of the daughter she has does not give her money, etc, but they rent that house together with her friends “, initially indicated.

“That house costs US $ 800 a night and can fit up to 15 people, but 5 or 6 people are with her, and a minimum of one week is rented. They are US $ 5,600, that is, how much does each one have to (pay)? apart from the decoration, the food, the drink, the plane ticket, the transport … It’s quite a budget ”, added.

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But that was not all, because the popular ‘Urraca’ rebuked him: “I say if you have other needs such as putting your child in school, feeding him, his health, And if you are the only person your child has so that you can support it because the father is irresponsible, you take more care of your ticket ”.

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