Magaly Medina will auction handbags that Andrés Hurtado gave her and will donate the money to popular dining rooms

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Magaly medina decided to respond to the statements of Sofía Franco, who hinted that the show host did not criticize the people who gave her luxurious gifts, in clear reference to the purses that Andrés Hurtado and his daughters Josetty and Génesis Hurtado gave her.

“I have never been for sale, neither in my personal life nor in my professional life, because if I have something, it is that I am not a merchant. Nobody comes to bribe me with a gift because I don’t need it “Said, visibly annoyed, the host of “Magaly Tv: La Firme”.

After lashing out at Sofia Franco, Medina announced that he will auction the luxurious handbags that the Panamericana Televisión host and his daughters gave him, and that the money raised will be donated to a popular dining room.

“If someone gives me a purse, like Chibolín, it is their problem that they give me. I say thank you. From there to use or need it, I do not. We are going to auction that portfolio and we will give the money to a soup kitchen so that those purses feed a lot of people”Said the popular ‘Urraca’.

In addition to reminding her that he helped her when she starred in an assault case with her husband, Álvaro Paz de La BarraMagaly Medina questioned that Sofía Franco tolerate violent attitudes against her person.

“If they buy you with a house with a pool, not even yours, but rented for you, and with a few ‘dollars’ a month, and with a few trips, that is your problem. (…) Nobody buys me and no man will say that he bought me, bought my dignity, something that you cannot say, unfortunately, so don’t come to throw mud”, He lashed out.

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