Magaly on Sofía Franco: You should be ashamed of being in a program aimed at women

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Magaly medina She referred to the recent statements by Sofía Franco in the program “En boca de todos”, where she clarified that she is separated from Álvaro Paz de la Barra. Despite the fact that a day before, the driver implied that she intended to give herself a new opportunity with the father of her son.

“I referred to a new opportunity to get ahead and you understand me at home (addressing the public). Reflecting is always good, forgiving is divine and of course I have to clarify and especially to people who continue to send messages of unconditional love and support and that I value too much. I know that people care about me and I am very well and I continue in my situation and I am separated ”, Franco said in the recent edition of “En boca de todos”.

Given these statements, Medina took advantage of the cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” to criticize Franco: “There she is standing on a television program and wanting to set an example of something, where she talks about love and trying to advise, first heal yourself and heal yourself emotionally because now you are not going to say what we heard yesterday, it was not what we heard.”

Magaly pointed out that Sofía Franco asked for help at the time and that now she should not speak well of her attacker: “It is your life, yes, but at the moment that we all get involved to defend you and show our faces for the abuse of an abused woman because that is the symbol of many women in the country … You asked for help and assistance, we were there to give you support, but you are not doing any good to the cause of women by leaving as if nothing had happened ”.

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“You should be ashamed of being on a midday program aimed at women. You shouldn’t be there because I’m ashamed of it. Look how they got you up there, look how your husband did with you, crawling while you kicked and where you asked the minister for help. This is how he exposed you because those images were shared by him (Álvaro Paz de la Barra) as if they were hot cakes and we all had access to that ”, concluded.

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