Magaly Tv: La Firme: Dalia Durán and John Kelvin fight live | VIDEO

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In the recent edition of “Magaly TV: The Firm”, Dalia Duran came to the ATV set to discuss her split with John Kelvin, who was caught with a young woman leaving a hotel a few weeks ago.

Given the facts, Durán pointed out that he no longer lives with Kelvin and that he, despite the mistakes he made in their relationship, wanted to continue as if nothing had happened.

However, the Cuban and Magaly medina They were surprised when the cumbia singer called the production to ask that his image not be tarnished.

What’s more, he accused Durán of allegedly being unfaithful to him with a footballer, which is why Medina asked him for evidence to support what was said.

Kelvin claimed that Durán’s presentation on the show program would be a ruse for his launch as a singer. “You are not a singer, you are not a musician”Kelvin sentenced.

It is there that Durán called him a cynic and asked him for evidence to support his accusation. “You’re a bit of a man,” the Cuban ended up replying to the singer.

“This makes me much stronger, there is Dalia here for a while. It was never my intention to end up on bad terms with you, “he added.

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