“Magaly TV: La Firme”: Janet Barboza’s boyfriend was denounced for not paying support for his two children | VIDEO

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The host Magaly medina reported in his recent program that Rosario Mozones, the still wife of Miguel Bayona, He denounced the businessman because he does not pay support to his two children, 9 and 10 years old.

According to the presenter, the boyfriend of Janet Barboza and his still wife were in a conciliation for the businessman to pay 1500 soles of maintenance to his children, but since January 2020 he would not have paid.

The attorney for Mozones points out that Bayona has not spent money and has not visited minors since that date. Now, the amount owed reaches 29 thousand soles.

“We are parents, we have a good relationship, we understand each other very well“The businessman commented to the program a few months ago before the complaint becomes reality.

It should be noted that Bayona and Mozones they married in 2008 and had two children. In 2014 they separated and were in an agreement for the minors.

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