MagDart: Realme shows magnetic charging technology for cell phones

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With MagDart, Realme has introduced a magnetic charging technology for cell phones. MagDart is the first charging system of its kind for Android phones – Apple delivered the template with MagSafe in July. MagDart does not work with the smartphones that are currently on the market. A concept cell phone called Realme Flash designed for MagDart is not available for the time being.

Realme’s line-up includes several MagDart chargers, above all a 50W charger. This charger must be actively cooled, so it has a built-in fan. According to the manufacturer Realme, the MagDart Charger can fully charge a cell phone with a 4500 mAh battery in 54 minutes if it is connected to the power in a SuperDart power supply unit – also from realme, of course.

A 15-watt charger from the MagDart series also charges with a cable, which saves the bulky built-in fan due to its lower output. A 4500 mAh battery should be able to be charged in 90 minutes.

The MagDart Powerbank can be magnetically attached to the back of compatible cell phones.

(Image: Realme)

On the other hand, the MagDart chargers, which do not have to be permanently connected to the electricity, are more interesting than the wired options. Realme offers several options to choose from: A MagDart power bank functions as a mobile battery that, like Apple’s battery pack, can be simply attached magnetically to the back of the compatible flash cell phone. The MagDart Wallet fits magnetically on the back of compatible cell phones and has space for three credit cards. The MagDart Beauty Light is a foldable mini headlight that is supposed to provide lighting for selfies.

The MagDart Case, on the other hand, is a case for the Realme GT, which practically retrofits MagDart compatibility: If the Realme GT is in the case provided, the mobile phone can be charged via MagDart devices using the USB plug integrated in the case. It is currently not known when Realme will launch devices that support MagDart. The Chinese manufacturer promises to knit a comprehensive ecosystem around the magnetic charging standard.


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