“Maïwenn, Jeanne du Barry Director and Co-Star of Johnny Depp, Faces Assault Charges”

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Maïwenn, the director and co-star of Johnny Depp in the upcoming film Jeanne du Barry, has been accused of assault. The film, which stars Depp as Louis XV, is set to open the Cannes Film Festival. However, the director has received a complaint from a journalist who claims to have been attacked by her in a Parisian restaurant. The journalist, Edwy Plenel, alleged that Maïwenn pulled his hair and spat in his face before leaving. The incident reportedly took place at the end of February, just weeks before the film’s premiere in France.

The incident was reported by the French outlet AFP, and Variety reports that the journalist filed a police report on March 7. Meanwhile, What The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the report was leaked just one day after it was announced that the Cannes Film Festival would open with Jeanne du Barry.

The film tells the story of Jeanne, a young working-class woman who uses her intelligence and attractiveness to climb the social ladder and become the favorite of Louis XV. Maïwenn plays the role of Jeanne, whereas Depp stars as Louis XV.

This film was a major opportunity for Depp following the fallout from his libel trial against Amber Heard. However, The Daily Beast reports that the shoot was a difficult experience for everyone involved on and off the set. Co-star Bernard Montiel admitted that the actor and director clashed quite frequently.

The film will premiere at Cannes on May 16 as a high-profile opening to the festival. Despite the controversy surrounding the director, the film is expected to be a success.

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