Major Batman character reveals he’s bisexual in comics

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Warning. This article contains spoilers for Batman: Urban Legends # 6. Read on at your own risk only.

An important character in the comic book series of Batman, the broadest franchise in DC, apparently has appeared as bisexual in a recently released issue of Batman: Urban Legends.

The Batman: Urban Legends series originally launched in March of this year and encompasses a wide range of Batman supporting characters. Tim Drake, the third character to take on the role of Batman’s partner, Boy Wonder, has been a prominent character in the series. Drake’s Robin presents in the story “Sum of Our Parts” a three-part story written by Meghan Fitzmartin and illustrated by Belen Ortega. The third chapter of the story concluded today with the revelation that Tim Drake is open to explore their apparent bisexuality.

Fans had discussed speculation about the character’s sexuality since Batman: Urban Legends Issue # 4, where Drake was seen to be nervous about going to see an old friend. The character thinks to himself: “Why am I so nervous? Okay, you haven’t seen him in a while, but he’s still the same guy.”. After this, Bernard Dowd arrives and fans get another insight into Drake’s thoughts. This thinks: “It feels like years have passed, but it still looks … it looks …”, and the thought fades when the two embrace. A little more light was shed in Batman: Urban Legends Issue # 5, but fans definitely have more clues in the recent issue # 6.

In the latest issue, fans learn more about Drake’s sexuality in the final scene of “Sum of Our Parts”, where he can be seen standing in a doorway next to Bernard. Barnard finally asks: “Tim Drake … Do you want to go on a date with me?”. Drake responde: “Yes … Yes, I think I want that.”. before the comic ends. While it’s unclear where this relationship will lead, it’s exciting for fans to see the character come out as LGBTQ +. after the chain of speculations that had been generated recently. With part 3 of “Sum of Our Parts” concluded, fans will have to wait until December to pick up on Drake’s story in Batman: Urban Legends # 10.

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In addition to starring in Batman: Urban Legends, Tim Drake will also take on the role of Robin in the upcoming open world action role-playing game Gotham Knights, which is being developed by Warner Bros Games Montreal. Dick Grayson, DC Comics’ first Robin, will take on the role of Nightwing in the game.

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