“Major Thompson’s Latest Feat: A Sensational Moment for the British Royal Family”

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Major Johnny Thompson: The Monarch’s Main Groom

Today, all eyes were on Kings Carlos III and Camilla during their spectacular and historic coronation. However, there was someone who powerfully attracted attention – Major Johnny Thompson, the monarch’s main groom, who played a fundamental role in the ceremony from start to finish.

Despite carrying out all his tasks with the greatest possible discretion, this high-ranking soldier has not gone unnoticed, especially for the uniform of the Royal Regiment of Scotland that he wore.

Major Thompson’s Previous Engagements with the Royal Family

Before Charles III ascended the throne, Major Johnny Thompson was already working in the service of the Crown as one of Queen Elizabeth II’s most senior bodyguards. He was often photographed next to her and was noticed by most viewers during a church service held in June 2022 for the sovereign’s Platinum Jubilee.

It was last September, after the death of Queen Elizabeth, when his popularity skyrocketed when he appeared in the so-called Westminster Hall, where Carlos III addressed all the members of Parliament for the first time as monarch. At that time, his presence caused a furor on social networks, the same as he has caused today during the coronation acts.

Major Thompson’s Role in the Coronation

Major Johnny Thompson has entered Westminster Abbey behind Carlos III and has remained at the altar with him and his four pages: Prince George, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, Nicholas Barclay and Ralph Tollemache. At the time of the investiture, he was in charge of placing the belt on the King.

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But he has not only been aware of the monarch. We have also seen him very attentive to Camilla, to whom he has helped to access Westminster Abbey.

As Major Jonathan Thompson has been accompanying Carlos III without rest, he was also present at the lunch held at Buckingham Palace to entertain the Governors General and Prime Ministers of the Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

Major Thompson’s Personal Life

Unfortunately for his fans, this major from the Royal Scottish Infantry Regiment has been married since 2010 to Caroline, who is in charge of marketing. The couple has a four-year-old son.

A Permanent Presence at Royal Events

It will not be the last time we see Major Jonathan Thompson at an act of the British Royal Family. Carlos III himself has been in charge of choosing him among the high military positions so that he organizes and executes all the details that have to do with him. This job lasts for three years. Afterwards, he will change places.

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