“Make your house smell like Christmas”: a tiktoker’s method to have the best festive decoration

The Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to decorate our homes with signature holiday colors and decorations. But do you make sure to cover the scent part as well? If not, then the method of a tiktoker to make the atmosphere smell like Christmas. “Make your house smell like Christmas!”wrote Shannon Doherty, who is a mother of four and is dedicated to sharing various homemade tricks on the aforementioned social network.

The steps to follow are simple: first, you have to pour water into a transparent pot, then you have to fill it with blueberries, orange slices and a handful of cinnamon sticks. Next, some sprigs of rosemary are added and the pot is covered to mix the scents.

After a long simmering time, the container will give off a fresh and pleasant smell that will serve to complement the Christmas decorations.

The clip accumulates more than 56 thousand views on TikTok and 4 thousand ‘likes’. Also, many people thanked the tiktoker for sharing the hack, mostly because it’s easy to follow.

Shannon Doherty, from the United States, has more than a million followers and 30 million ‘likes’. Her account is packed with recipes, tips, and tricks on how to make parenting and household chores easier.

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