Maker workshop: setting up Pi and HQ camera for astrophotography

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The Raspi-HQ-Kamera and for almost as long I wondered whether it might be suitable for astrophotography. In doing so, I was able to fall back on experiences that I had made in this hobby for a few years and was very pleasantly surprised at what this relatively inexpensive camera can do.

Basically it is a smartphone camera on a breakout board and what smartphone cameras can in principle become clear to me after I saw the comet with a friend Neowise In 2020 I was able to take pictures with an iPhone 11. So I dared to experiment with the HQ-Cam. This has a 12-megapixel chip similar in size to the camera in the iPhone and the Sony IMX477R chip in the HQ camera comes from a series of chips that are also popular with the astro community.

When it comes to astrophotography, today we are spoiled by images that have been professionally processed with the aid of a computer. The images from the Hubble telescope in particular stir up an expectation that only a few amateur astronomers can fulfill with their own images. This is not only due to the millions of times more expensive technology, but also to the way and where Hubble takes the pictures. Nevertheless: You can create interesting and presentable pictures even with simple means. If you already have a few devices, such as a Raspi, old photo or C-mount lenses and a tripod, getting started with hobby astronomy can even be quite inexpensive.

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