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Makeup Head Ande Yung Shares BTS SFX Video from ‘The Ones Who Live’

Movie and TV makeup artist Ande Yung has built a remarkable career in the makeup department with titles such as Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, Girls5eva, and the new series on Paramount+ titled Elsbeth. Yung is as adept at creating beauty makeup looks as she is at handling the special effects makeup that involves blood and gore. This versatility made her an excellent fit for her role in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

The spinoff series focuses on the reunion of iconic characters Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira), working together to dismantle the CRM (Civic Republic Military). This show marks the return of Lincoln and Gurira to The Walking Dead universe, after their departures in seasons 9 and 10, respectively.

Yung served as the Makeup Department Head for The Walking Dead spinoff, showcasing her talent and techniques through several impressive videos on social media. She was also courteous enough to share some of her favorite products, offering valuable insights for other makeup artists looking to enhance their craft.

In a recent interview with Backstage, Yung expressed her excitement about taking on a Walking Dead series. She admitted, however, that she felt a certain pressure to ensure Rick’s scars were portrayed accurately. To achieve this, she consulted with previous makeup department heads from earlier seasons of The Walking Dead. As a newcomer to the TWD universe, Yung felt warmly welcomed into the family, which allowed her to focus on delivering her best work.

Yung doesn’t label herself as a special effects makeup artist but believes that any department head or union makeup artist should understand how to apply cuts and prosthetics effectively. This knowledge was indeed beneficial for her role in the project.

If you have an interest in this field, Yung’s full interview with Backstage offers a wealth of insights into the makeup industry. Below are a few images that showcase Yung’s remarkable work on Rick Grimes, highlighting her skill and attention to detail.

The images below further display Yung’s artistry on Rick and Okafor (Craig Tate) in a cut scene from the first episode of The Ones Who Live. This scene occurs after Rick cuts off his hand and ends up in the hospital, highlighting the grim and detailed nature of the makeup work involved.

The series The Ones Who Live seems to wrap up the storyline of Rick and Michonne, including a heartwarming reunion with their children, Judith (Cailey Fleming) and RJ (Antony Azor). However, no announcements have been made regarding their appearance in future spinoffs. Fans remain hopeful that more of their story will be told in upcoming series.

Source: Undead Walking, Backstage