Maksu: The Spanish ‘Eco’ Luxury House behind Letizia and Leonor’s Iconic First-Year Dresses

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Quality, Craftsmanship, and Sustainability at Affordable Prices: The Success of Maksu

Quality, craftsmanship, luxury, and sustainability can all be achieved without stratospheric prices, and Maksu, a Spanish fashion house, is proving just that. Through their website, they boldly state their commitment to these values, embracing the labels of being brave and even a little crazy. And it’s working. In just four years, despite the challenges of a pandemic, Maksu has established itself as a leader in eco-fashion, counting influential women like Ana Boyer, Sassa de Osma, Martina Jaúdenes, Queen Letizia, and Princess Leonor among their exclusive clientele.

To ensure ethical practices and avoid overproduction, Maksu produces its timeless, bohemian-inspired designs in small artisan workshops in Spain. We had the opportunity to speak with them about their approach and how dressing the Queen and the Princess has impacted their business in just a year.

The Birth and Philosophy of Maksu

Maksu is an international brand with headquarters in both Spain and Turkey. The name Maksu comes from the founder’s name, Mehmet Aksu. Their garments are designed for all women, with versatile collections that allow everyone to adapt their style and personality to the Maksu aesthetic.

Affordable Luxury and Sustainability

Maksu believes that luxury can be affordable and sustainable. They prioritize unique qualities and work with fabrics from the luxury world for limited productions. They recognize that combining affordability and sustainability requires a smart business strategy and a keen understanding of what customers value in terms of quality and ethics.

Attracting a Sustainable-Focused Audience

The growing interest in sustainability plays a significant role in attracting customers to brands like Maksu. People appreciate and value sustainable practices and make purchasing decisions based on those values.

A Fair Business Model: No Sales

Maksu has a clear strategy to maintain fair prices throughout the season, which is why they don’t have sales on their collections. Instead, they offer “archive sales” capsules twice a year, featuring only a limited number of past season garments and sizes.

Dressing Spanish Royalty: The Impact

Dressing Princess Leonor and Queen Letizia has significantly increased Maksu’s brand visibility. The media coverage and recognition from having their designs worn by these influential figures has undoubtedly had a positive impact on their business.

Seeing Queen Letizia wearing one of Maksu’s blouses for her daughter’s confirmation was a particularly special moment for the brand. It not only increased sales but also solidified the reputation of that particular blouse as a timeless and essential piece in many wardrobes.

The Spanish Royal Family: Promoting Spanish Fashion

Maksu appreciates the support and visibility that the Queen and her daughters bring to Spanish designers. Their choice to wear Spanish brands is highly influential and helps promote and elevate the local fashion industry.

The Power of Celebrity Endorsements

When it comes to impact and sales, dressing Doña Letizia and Princess Leonor carries equal weight for Maksu. Both instances provide significant notoriety and exposure for the brand.

While Maksu has already dressed celebrities like Ana Boyer and Nuria Roca, their main focus remains on dressing individuals who genuinely connect with their brand and feel excited to wear Maksu, regardless of their fame or royal status.

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