Malignant: James Wan’s movie hits and misses

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Malignant It reached theaters in Latin America after almost two years of waiting. In October 2019 James Wan | announced that he was going to produce a new film, and those who follow him since his inception with The game of fear, Insidious and his great work, The spellThey were waiting to see what he could do. Although Aquaman, in 2018, was his last theatrical release, to see which was the most recent horror film he made, you have to go back to 2016, with The spell 2.

In this opportunity, James Wan | he had promised something different from anything he had done so far. Although there were some who asked him if it was an adaptation of his comic, Malignant Man, the director was in charge of clarifying in a post on his networks that they had nothing to do with it. In any case, it is fair to point out that the premise of said publication has some points in common with the film that made it to the cinema.

Malignant follow Madison (Annabelle Wallis), a woman who suddenly begins to become paralyzed and have visions of gruesome murders that come true. You will soon discover that all crimes have a connection to your past. Ingrid Mute and Akela Cooper they co-wrote the story with James Wan |, and Cooper was in charge of adapting the script. George Young and Maddie Hasson, complete the cast of protagonists of the film.

The Best of Malignant

The tribute to the giallo, and the cinema of Darío Argento, is very present. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, James Wan | had defined Malignant as their “Version of the yellow. One of the film’s strongest points is the tributes to less mainstream horror films, which are accompanied by a large number of very bloody sequences. Beyond the nod to the Italian genre, there is also much of the slasher subgenre in its history, to which it brings some supernatural elements. From the music stands out a sample of “Where is my mind?”, The famous song by Pixies that never fails, which accompanies in various moments of the film.

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The worst of Malignant

malignant james wan warner bros

James Wan returned to directing after three years. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Malignant it is a movie with very good ideas. Many. The bad thing is that at times they overlap or become entangled and it is not clear where they want to go James Wan |. There are plot twists that get whimsical and the plausibility is constantly changing. It is true that horror films do not need to justify absolutely everything, but the leaps that occur in relation to the rules of the world in which the film takes place are all too obvious.

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