Maligno, the big premiere of the week: is it based on real events?

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James Wan | had been pigeonholed as the benchmark of jumpscares in the horror genre. Therefore, wanting to show that it was not only what he knew how to do, he wrote Malignant, which in an interview with Bloody Disgusting defined as his “Version of the yellow and said it was different from anything he had done so far. The last film he had made as a director was three years ago, when he made Aquaman for the study.

Annabelle Wallis had been to Annabelle. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Five years have passed since its last premiere in the world of terror, The spell 2, so that James Wan | took that time to reinvent himself and write the script for Malignant. His new film will arrive this week and was developed together with Ingrid Mute and Akela Cooper. The latter was responsible for adapting the story to the libretto that ended up on the big screen, starring Annabelle Wallis, George Young and Maddie Hasson.

What story does Malignant tell

The story focuses on Madison (Wallis) who begins to have visions that constantly break in and leave her paralyzed. Throughout each of those sequences, he witness gruesome murders that he will soon realize come true. The cue movie defined as an original horror thriller. With this information it is important to inquire about whether or not it is a real event.

In 2019, just a few months after it was announced that Malignant began to occur, James Wan | decided to clarify the doubts surrounding the film. It is that, some versions said that it was going to be based on his comic Malignant Man, which in four volumes told the story of a man who discovers that he has a tumor that is actually a parasite and begins to develop great powers. “Definitely not a superhero movie”explained the director.

Malignant james wan warner bros

Wan said that his film pays homage to Italian horror cinema. (Warners Bros. Pictures)

In the same post, Van told that Malignant is an original thriller that was not inspired by any existing intellectual property. “Sorry for the confusion”, said in his post that he received about a thousand likes. With this clarification, it became clear that his film was nothing more than another creation of his imagination, which, unlike what was shown in The spell and all his saga based on the Warren expedient, has no hold on any real fact. At least none revealed so far.

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