“Malú shines professionally amidst the buzz of her relationship with Albert Rivera”

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This Year’s Milestones for Malú

This year has been very important for Malú (41 years old) both personally and professionally. The artist celebrates the 25th anniversary of her first album, Aprendiz, which marked the beginning of a musical career that has never ceased to bring her joy.

After being a mother and the break that she was forced to take due to health problems, the singer has been working on what will be her next album for some time and, in addition, we have just learned that she will return as coach of La Voz.

Malú tells how she has Her life has changed since the birth of her daughter.

Malú’s Return to Television

Malú returns in style. Antena 3 is already preparing the new adult edition that will be, once again, presented by Eva González. Together with Malú, we will see great friends and colleagues such as Pablo López, Antonio Orozco, and Luis Fonsi, who have already met with her in previous years and who, without a doubt, are going to give us great moments.

Her return to television is going to be in style and her fans are already looking forward to seeing her again on La Voz, a program that adds to all the triumphs she has achieved over the years. Malú, who is one of the best voices in our country, has won numerous awards, has published 12 studio albums with which she has achieved more than two million copies sold, has been recognized for her involvement in different charitable causes…

Malú’s New Project

Now she is working on her new project, an album with which the artist will take a tour of her 25-year career. “And here we continue… Both of us @__rubengarcia__ stuck here all day. This project can’t motivate me more,” she said, referring to the musician, producer, and mixer Rubén García Motos, with whom she is working hand in hand. “I’m excited about this new project!! Ayyyy what’s coming…,” is the message that Paco de Lucía’s niece has shared on her networks.

For Malú, it will be a very special album and, for this reason, she wanted to have the help of great colleagues who are, above all, friends.

Collaborations and Messages of Love

Among them are Pablo Alborán, Melendi, Vanesa Martín, Pablo López, Ana Mena, Soleá, Israel Fernández…- We show you the great moment of Pablo López with his niece in his last concert, Malú returns in style. “It doesn’t matter with you the where, how and when… You are always home @pabloalboran I love you, friend,” are the beautiful words he dedicated to Pablo Alborán.

“You are one of those friends that is exciting to have, the ones you know are always close, the ones who truly love you… We have met in many ways and in a thousand different places. And, sometimes from a distance, we even meet we have caught in the battles… Friend, thank you! I love you,” he told Melendi.

For his part, the Asturian singer responded: “You know I love you very much and I’m always there for you. I hug with lots of love. I love you Lula.”

On the collaboration with his great friend Vanesa Martín, he has written: “There are few things more beautiful in life than knowing that you have someone and for someone. And that’s us. How good and how easy always with you @vanesamartin_ I love you friend!”

To which she replied: “My friend, I love you. Making music with you is walking through glory for a little while. We came from behind and we recognized each other. Let the songs that speak and sweat truths remain.”

Malú and Albert Rivera

Throughout these months of intense work, Malú has also had to deal with rumors that claim that she is going through a crisis with Albert Rivera. Some media have even published that the couple, who welcomed their daughter Lucía on June 6, 2020, would have decided to put an end to their relationship definitively. At the moment, neither of them has ruled on the matter.

The last time the former politician spoke about his private life was last January when he referred to the singer as his “current partner”. “My daughters are the engine of my life. On a personal level, if I had to put a turning point in my life, beyond politics, and that makes you a better person, that would undoubtedly be paternity. It is placed there as a first priority. On the scale of values, your children will always come first,” he assured on the Proyecto 77 podcast.

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