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Maluma Breaks Silence on Natalia Barulich and Neymar Saga

Maluma’s “Hawái” was a hit song from his album “Papi Juancho”. It was a response to his ex-girlfriend Natalia Barulich, who he had an affair with for over two years. After their separation, Barulich dated Neymar Jr., a friend of Maluma, which was a contentious issue for the Colombian artist.

The song was quickly taken as a hint directed towards the model, as it referred to a man telling his ex that despite sharing luxuries with her new partner, she still misses him. Although the celebrities never referred to the controversy, the urban artist broke his silence in a recent interview.

During his appearance on the Alofoke podcast, Maluma stated that Neymar Jr. took his girlfriend away from him, before clarifying that it was all a joke. According to the “Sober” and “Diablo, Qué Chimba” singer, they had already separated when she started dating the Brazilian striker.

The Colombian artist was quite cooperative and even joked about the situation. He stated that it took about thirty seconds for Barulich to move on after they ended their relationship. The toxic relationship ended with Maluma believing that Barulich gave more while he offered less, leading to their eventual separation.

Maluma met the American model and DJ Natalia Barulich during the recording of “Felices Los 4” in 2017. They soon became an item and collaborated in numerous events. After two years, they separated, and Barulich was linked to Neymar Jr., leading to speculation about infidelity. She denied these rumors.

The lyrics of “Hawái” talk about a man reminding his ex-girlfriend that despite a new relationship, nobody can love her like he does. It also suggests that she is putting on a façade for her followers.

In the end, Maluma and Barulich’s story serves to showcase the complications and controversies that exist in celebrity relationships.

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