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Mama June Angers Fans, Claims She ‘Raised’ Kaitlyn

Mama June Shannon has stirred significant controversy with her claims of having “raised” her granddaughter, Kaitlyn. This assertion has incited many fans, especially now that she has custody of Anna Cardwell’s eldest daughter. However, the permanence of this custody is uncertain, with viewers witnessing some of the falsehoods June seems to be spreading to maintain her guardianship over Kaitlyn.

When Anna Cardwell was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma, she had no choice but to face the grim possibility of her mortality. This led her mother, Mama June, and her sister, Pumpkin, to advise her to make arrangements for her children. Anna had two daughters: Kaitlyn, whose father was absent, and Kylee from her marriage to Michael Cardwell. While Kylee was assured to be with Michael, Kaitlyn’s future was uncertain. As Anna’s health deteriorated, June presented custody papers to secure Kaitlyn’s guardianship.

Anna wanted her new husband, whom she had been with since 2017, to be listed in the custody arrangements. This displeased June, but before any decisions could be finalized, Anna succumbed to her illness. With Anna’s passing, June rushed to legal counsel, anticipating that Michael Cardwell might seek custody of Kaitlyn. This led to a Reddit discussion where an original poster (OP) commented:

  • “I’m watching the new episode from last night, and June is straight-up lying, saying that she raised Kaitlyn for the first four or five years of her life?!

Fans know that Anna had met Michael soon after Kaitlyn’s birth and only stuck around to film Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Additionally, viewers were troubled by June’s claim about testing several men to identify Kaitlyn’s father. What followed was a wave of reactions from devoted followers.

The circumstances Mama June put Anna Cardwell through only exacerbated fans’ disbelief that she could provide Kaitlyn with the care she deserves:

  • “The lawyer asked about any other issues that could be used against her, and remained silent on the fact that June has allowed multiple significant others in her home, dated them, permitted them to abuse her daughter, and supported these men afterward.”

For many, June’s history speaks volumes on its own. Concurrently, viewers are curious about Michael Cardwell’s capabilities and intentions, given his positive reputation among some circles. However, he has remained largely out of the public eye, adding to the complexity of the situation. The overarching sentiment among fans is that Mama June’s pattern of dishonesty is the core issue preventing her from proving herself worthy of Kaitlyn’s guardianship.

Do you believe that June needs to start being truthful if she wants to regain any credibility? Share your thoughts in the comments and tune into Mama June: Family Crisis on Fridays on WeTV.

Source: TV Shows Ace