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Mama June: Anna Cardwell's Ex Seeks Donations for Custody Trial

Mama June: Anna Cardwell’s Ex Seeks Donations for Custody Trial

Michael Cardwell, ex-husband of the late Anna Cardwell, is reaching out for donations as he prepares for a legal battle over custody of Anna’s eldest daughter, Kaitlyn Shannon. Currently, Kaitlyn resides with her grandmother, Mama June, and her husband, Justin Stroud. Michael aims to secure Kaitlyn’s custody and has turned to public support to fund this effort. Here’s more on the unfolding situation.

In early 2023, Anna Cardwell received the devastating diagnosis of stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. Despite her efforts, her health continued to decline. Her family, particularly Mama June and Pumpkin, urged her to make arrangements for the care of her daughters, Kaitlyn and Kylee. It was decided that Kylee would go to her biological father, Michael Cardwell.

Kaitlyn’s situation was more complicated. Her biological father was not involved in her life, and Michael, who had contributed to her schooling, considered himself her primary father figure. Initially, Mama June sought custody of Kaitlyn, but Anna preferred to name her current husband, Eldridge Toney, in the custody documents. This disagreement led to tension within the family. Regrettably, Anna passed away last week, but the custody battle continues as Michael strives to keep the sisters together and is seeking financial support through donations.

According to a Reddit thread shared by Elle Bee, Michael has provided details on how supporters can contribute. He shared information about Kylee’s financial needs and his personal Cash App, encouraging those willing to help to do so.

The situation has elicited strong opinions from the public. One commenter expressed hope that the judge would ensure the sisters remained together, while also criticizing Mama June for allegedly exploiting Kaitlyn for screen time soon after Anna’s death. The court is expected to address the matter in an upcoming hearing this month.

Supporters of Michael believe that keeping the sisters together is crucial, especially since there have been accusations of abuse towards Kaitlyn involving Mama June, Justin Stroud, and Josh Efird during TikTok Live sessions. This has fueled the desire to remove her from the current living situation.

A separate Reddit thread discussing the custody case showed surprise at its progression, emphasizing the importance of waiting to see who would testify on behalf of Michael and June. There is also interest in whether Anna’s wishes, as expressed on television, for Eldridge Toney to take custody will influence the court’s decision, despite June’s insistence on different paperwork.

Many are questioning whether Michael should persist in his fight for custody. The outcome remains to be seen, and the forthcoming court dates will be pivotal in determining Kaitlyn’s future.

Source: Reddit