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Mama June’s Sexy Tribute to Her Man Who Provides a ‘Safe Place’

“Mama” June Shannon and Justin Stroud are experiencing significant tensions in the current season of Mama June: Family Crisis. On social media, Alana Thompson’s mother gave a shout-out to someone who makes her feel safe. Fans are wondering if she is talking about one of her exes, like Geno Doak or Sugar Bear. Read on to find out.

Fans of WETV witnessed Justin Stroud’s frustration with his wife’s behavior. He felt that she only used him and was tired of being treated like an “assistant.” In response, June Shannon reminded him that he was free to leave and had even suggested marriage counseling, which he refused.

Mama June needs to think things through, fans argue. Her previous relationship with Geno Doak ended disastrously, costing her a significant amount of money. Sugar Bear cheated on her years ago. Currently, Justin Stroud doesn’t seem to be straying but he has walked out before. Many fans believe that if Mama June isn’t careful, she could lose him too. With her recent shout-out, speculation rises on whether it is directed at Justin or someone else.

On Thursday, June expressed appreciation for Justin Stroud, describing him as someone who keeps her “safe.” Despite the ongoing drama aired on WETV, it seems she still values and loves him. A short reel shared on Instagram showed a tender moment between Alana’s mom and Justin.

In the caption, June wrote:

A lil #throwbackthursday me n this man been through some sh-t [in] almost 3 [years] most couple don’t go through in a lifetime. good n bad but we have made it through together. I know I get on his nerves but he puts up with me n my girls crazy asses n our drama lol n is always there for us even when he doesn’t have to b. I will always choose @officialsmallz1 #family #tough #mamajune #mysafeplace #myforever

The comments section was flooded with supportive messages for Justin. Here are some of the reactions:

  • We love Justin! He seems like a genuine awesome guy! Treat him right, Mama June!
  • Justin seems like a really good guy. He supports and loves your family and you can tell. I think he’s great for you.
  • Justin seems like a really good guy. He supports and loves your family and you can tell. I think he’s great for you.
  • Awww I love this ❤️ u look adorable together.
  • Justin is a wonderful man. You are so lucky you found someone who loves and takes great care of you. Third time charm June.

What are your thoughts on Mama June still loving Justin Stroud? Do you hope they stay together? Is he a step up from Geno Doak and Sugar Bear? Shout out in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on Mama June: Family Crisis.

Source: TV Shows Ace