Man found 60-year-old McDonald’s meal hidden in my bathroom

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A resident of Crystal Lake, in the state of Illinois, USA, named Rob, shared a photo on the Reddit platform to show other netizens his recent find obtained on the wall of his bathroom while he was doing home renovations. These are three old McDonald’s bags and a half-finished portion of chips.

“Our house was built in 1959,” Rob told Newsweek. “It’s very close to a McDonald’s store that opened back then, so I guess it ended up on our wall thanks to the builders themselves,” the man suggested.

“It didn’t make any smell and, surprisingly, there was no trace of mice,” Rob said when asked by one of the Reddit users what the food smelled like. “It’s been such a strange find that I thought it was worth sharing,” he added, and he was absolutely right because the post sparked a wave of comments.

“Are you going to finish them?” joked one of the platform’s users, while another ironically branded them “forbidden chips.”

Some netizens, in turn, suggested that the find might have some value for collectors.

“Dude, sell them to pay for renewal,” one Reddit user wrote.

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