Man in Florida Kills Another Person During Fight in Line at the Supermarket

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A man who last Saturday shot and killed another in an argument in which they got involved while waiting in line to pay at a supermarket in Coral Gables, a city neighboring Miami (Florida, USA), appeared in court yesterday and faces charges of second-degree murder. This is Osmel Lugo Gutierrez, 51, arrested after the shooting, as confirmed by the Miami-Dade County Police in southeast Florida. Lugo appeared before Judge Mindy S. Glazer of Florida’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit today and faces second-degree murder for fatally shooting another man while they were in line to buy lottery tickets.

According to the arrest report cited by local media, Lugo shot the victim, identified as Franklyn Jose Pineyro, 50, inside an establishment of the Publix supermarket chain. Police said Lugo approached the victim from the back where a line was forming to buy lottery tickets and that the two men began arguing. According to the arrest report cited by Local 10 News television, surveillance video from the location shows Lugo stepping around the victim’s shopping cart as she simultaneously pounces on him with her left arm outstretched.

The victim was standing behind a shopping cart and the defendant proceeded to pass around the cart in the direction of Pineyro, while Pineiro simultaneously advanced toward Lugo Gutierrez, according to the police report. The Miami-Dade Police Department reported that charges were filed against Osmel Lugo Gutierrez for the incident in which José Pineyro died and that occurred on Saturday, February 5, 2022, at the Publix supermarket in Coral Gables. MIAMI-DADE POLICE Pineyro moved towards the defendant with his left arm outstretched and his palm open but momentarily lost his balance. When he managed to stand again, the defendant stepped back to keep his distance from the victim.

The victim advanced toward Lugo Gutierrez and at that moment the defendant lifted his shirt, took out of his belt a Glock 19 9 MM pistol and discharged the weapon against Pineyro’s chest, “thus causing the death of the victim,” the police report said. The incident was recorded on the supermarket’s surveillance cameras, police said. The defendant was taken to the Miami-Dade police headquarters where he gave a statement detailing what happened and said the victim was not armed before the incident, according to authorities. Lugo Gutierrez appeared before a judge Monday and was denied bail.

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