Man is reunited with his son 24 years after being kidnapped and traveling 500 thousand kilometers looking for him

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A Chinese father was reunited with his son 24 years after he was kidnapped by human traffickers outside his home in Shandong at the age of two in 1997. Guo Gangtang He spent 24 years traversing the country, traveling more than 500,000 kilometers on a motorcycle, with two posters each displaying a photo of his son, Guo Xinzhen.

After almost an odyssey of a quarter century, this tireless father achieved his goal. The emotional meeting took place last Tuesday in front of a local police station. In the social media, related hashtags have been read hundreds of millions of times, and many people send them good wishes.

On 2015, the history of the search for Guo by his son he also inspired a movie, “Lost and Love”, Starring the mega-celebrity of Hong Kong Andy Lau. Lau said Tuesday that he felt “extremely happy and inspired”Upon finding out, while pleading with the public to support the government’s campaign against human trafficking.

Now that they have found my son, everything can be happy from now on“, He said Guo to local media, adding that she would view the couple who ultimately raised their child as “family members”. Although this story had a happy ending, there are many others that have not yet found an adequate closure.

The kidnapping children has been a problem in China for decades, with thousands of children being kidnapped by traffickers every year. But authorities say that with the help of the new technologies and the bioscience, more and more families are joining them in recent years.

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The journey of Guo to find his missing son was also crashed. Shortly after his son was kidnapped he makes 24 years old, Guo started traveling for more than 20 Chinese provinces looking for clues. He suffered bone fractures in traffic accidents and damaged other 10 motorcycles.

Only when I went out on the road in search of my son, did I feel like a father”He once told Chinese media. His perseverance attracted the attention of media and earned the respect of the public. On 2012, when the social media began to be ubiquitous in China, helped create a website that helps other families search for their lost children.

The Ministry of Public Security of China said his police force eventually helped track down the identity of Xinzhen through tests of ADN. They said they had also arrested two people suspected of abducting Xinzhen on 1997.

According to local media reports, Xinzhen was kidnapped while playing alone in front of his house on September 21, 1997 by a woman the police only identified by her last name Tang. She and her boyfriend immediately sold the two-year-old to a family in the nearby province of Henan.

Xinzhen still lived in Henan when police told him that his father had been looking for him all these years, local media reported. The young man from 26 years Now he is a teacher and finally, after so long, he has met his real father.

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