Man risks his own life to save a calf that was going to die drowned in a river

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The video viral of a man saving a calf in a dangerous and mighty river is going around the world thanks to a clip of YouTube, which shows the great courage of this person, who did not think twice and entered the water to save the life of the defenseless animal.

In the first seconds of the clip published in social networks it is seen that the calf was walking very close to the river bank Manipur, on India, until he lost his balance and slipped, so he fell into the water and, no matter how hard he tried, he could not get out of it, condemning himself to a probable death by drowning.

While many witnesses recorded, observed or lamented what they were witnessing, a man identified as Laishram Sanjoy He took action on the matter and, without much turning to it, decided to do something for the calf and give it the opportunity to continue living.

Pictures show how this “Rescuer” he entered the water abruptly and quickly, putting his own life at risk due to the flow of the river. However, he was able to position himself well and take the animal and then take it out of there with the help of another citizen who came closer to see what is happening.

The video that was published in November of last year in YouTube by the canal accumulates more than 8 million visits and thousands of comments from people, who see with good eyes the work of this man, who was not afraid to die to save the life of a small animal.

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