Man surprises his wife with a tattoo of their wedding date, but the tattoo artist makes a rude mistake

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One video viral from TikTok has revealed the tremendous mistake a tattoo artist made when he was carrying out his work on the arm of a man who wanted to surprise his wife by writing the date he got married using Roman numerals.

Although at the beginning the process shows that everything is going well with the development of the tattoo, the result ended up making the man uncomfortable because it did not turn out as he wanted. What’s more, it went viral on social networks and was a laughingstock.

Ashley Carlevato, on the TikTok account , published the story of everything that happened with the tattoo. It all starts when both decide to celebrate their anniversary, getting a tattoo that represents their partner.

She decided to write her husband’s initial on her finger. However, he went a bit further with art on his skin, choosing to write the date they were married for himself.

According to her, they were married on January 19, 2019, so the tattoo should be something similar to the following numbers 1.19.19, but the result was not as desired.

After they had finished the tattoo, they could both notice that the numbers read something like 11,919. In this way, both of them were somewhat uncomfortable, but they took it with grace.

The video became a trend in social networks with more than 2 million visits and thousands of comments from people lamenting what happened, although there were also a number of users who made fun of it.

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