Man Who Opened Door of Plane in South Korea: Penalty Revealed

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On May 26, an Asiana Airlines flight preparing to land in Daegu, South Korea, experienced an alarming event. A passenger opened the cabin door, causing the wind to whip around everything in its path. The person responsible for this was a 33-year-old man, identified only as Lee, who operated the hatch of the Airbus A321-200.

Passengers reported earaches, panic attacks, and even screaming and crying. Videos shared on social media showed some passengers clamping onto armrests and leaning into the aisle to avoid the wind. According to the Transport Ministry, the incident occurred when the plane was 700 feet (213 meters) up.

The flight was carrying 200 people, including 194 paying passengers, on a one-hour journey from Jeju Island. Lee was detained upon landing at Daegu International Airport. He claimed that he felt suffocated and wanted to get off the plane quickly.

On Sunday, a Daegu district court approved an arrest warrant against Lee. The police requested this due to the severity of the crime and the possibility of Lee fleeing. Local authorities will investigate the case for up to 20 days before deciding whether to send it to prosecutors for indictment. If convicted, Lee could face up to 10 years in prison for violating aviation security laws that prohibit unauthorized passengers from tampering with the entry or emergency exit doors and other equipment on board.

In conclusion, opening an airplane cabin door in flight can be very dangerous and is a clear violation of aviation security laws. Passengers should also follow instructions given by flight attendants to ensure their safety and the safety of others on board.

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