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Måneskin does not disappoint with the premiere of the video clip for ‘MAMMAMIA’

It’s no secret that Måneskin has become one of the bands that is giving the most to talk about in this year 2021. Not only did they manage to win the prestigious Sanremo Festival, but they also got the opportunity to represent Italy at ‘Eurovision 2021’, a festival held in Rotterdam.

They were aware of the great opportunity that was presented to them, and decided to make the most of it. So much so that the guys from Måneskin took first place, taking the long-awaited crystal microphone to Italy. It was the third time in history that this country achieved victory in this prestigious music competition.

The truth is that Måneskin managed to captivate all of Europe with ‘Zitti e Buoni’, one of the songs that has sounded the most in this year 2021, and that he continues to do so! But the band has not wanted to settle, and has wanted to go much further with so many other releases. Among them is ‘MAMMAMIA’.

Just a couple of weeks ago the winners of ‘Eurovision 2021’ gave the surprise with the premiere of this song. An absolutely spectacular theme where we can enjoy its purest essence, although they manage to demonstrate a clear evolution in all senses. They always know how to hit the key and go higher and higher!

This ‘MAMMAMIA’ has been produced by the guys from Måneskin together with Fabrizio Ferraguzzo. The story that reflects this theme speaks of the perception that people may have regarding their behavior, although, in reality, their thoughts are truly different. What you like and may seem good to you, others might find it really weird.

If we had already liked ‘MAMMAMIA’, now Måneskin has managed to close this project with a spectacular music video. It is very peculiar, but it follows the theme of the Italian band. Unpredictable, surprising and unique. It is clear that we are facing one of the great promises of the music industry internationally, and that they have come to stay. We love them!

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