Manu Ríos breaks the Internet with his hottest photo so far

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No, in the 8 chapters of Elite 4 we didn’t get enough of Manu Rios.

The Spanish influencer can already be considered a TV star thanks to Patrick Blanco Commerford. And although the character earned the hatred of many, (especially Omander fans), Manu has won the love of a multitude.

With just 10 days left until the premiere, the handsome 22-year-old has gained 2.5 million followers.

Watch him in the video above and find out why he’s breaking the internet.

On his arrival in the popular series and his character, Manu said to Esquire: I don’t think people end up hating it, at least I hope so, but it is true that it creates controversy, expectation and mixed feelings. Let’s say it has its lights and its shadows, like almost everyone in Elite. From here I ask that you empathize with him, because sometimes things get out of hand [risas].”

They asked him: “If you went to Las Encinas school, who would you take and who would you not?”

Manu said: “With Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) I would not get along too much: he is very different from me, although I would not like him either. He would be friends with Omar, a super cute character, and Ander. I think they are the most stable. Oh, and also with Mencía (Martina Cariddi). It’s a bit chaotic, but a super cool ‘sister’. “

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