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Manu Rios’ networks exploded after Elite 4 on Netflix

Netflix it usually changes the lives of its artists. Performers who were already famous before reaching the N screen, jumped to stardom for different productions. Among them is Manu Rios, who had millions of followers before Elite 4, but who their social networks completely exploded for his appearance in the fourth season of the youth drama.Sight!

The 22-year-old was noted for his role as Patrick White, a new student in Las Encinas who bursts in and intervenes in Omar and Ander’s relationship. His charisma and physical appearance were highlighted in the comments after the premiere. A Spoiler poll found that 80% of fans were “charm” the actor’s participation in the series.

Elite launched Rios to international recognition because in Spain he was already idolized. It was even called “the Spanish Justin Bieber” for her famous YouTube videos, her appearance on reality shows, and her modeling career. However, the adolescent event catapulted him to other latitudes.

@manurios en Instagram (Social Blade)

According to the site Social BladeBefore the fourth season was released on Netflix, Manuel had 5.6 million followers on Instagram. Today it has 7.5 million and rising. Only between June 14 and 21 did he add 637,400 fans on their official page. There, the young man usually uploads photos of his repertoire as a model.

Manu Rios

@manurios on Tik Tok (Social Blade)

On Tik Tok, the social network that is most related to the Elite public, also saw its numbers rise exponentially. It went from 764,300 before its Netflix debut to 1.2 million after appearing as Patrick. To the regret of the fans, it does not have much activity on that platform and his last post was in December.

Manu Rios

@manuriosfdez Twitter (Social Blade)

Rios does not have Facebook official but yeah Twittter. There it grew again, although it did so to a lesser extent: from 549,403 it jumped to 613,770. “Thank you so much for all the love I am receiving these days”He wrote in the last hours on the bird’s social network.

Manu Rios

Manu Rios Youtube (Social Blade)

Something similar happened with his channel Youtube where in the past he became known: he added 50 thousand subscribers in recent days. His publications on the video’s social network are also few because he has not posted for a year.

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