Manuel Falcó Excitedly Anticipates Sister Tamara’s Wedding Day

An Unforgettable Week: Tamara Falcó’s Wedding Countdown

An unforgettable week has begun for Tamara Falcó and everyone around her. On July 8, she will be marrying Iñigo Onieva at the El Rincón Palace in Aldea del Fresno. The aristocrat’s family is excited to witness this carefully prepared and detailed day, and among them, Manuel Falcó experiences this countdown with special emotion. As the Marquis de Castel-Moncayo, he will accompany his sister to the altar, where Father Cruz will officiate the ceremony.

Manuel Falcó’s Joy for His Sister’s Marriage

Manuel Falcó, the eldest son of Carlos Falcó and Jeanine Girod, expresses his happiness for his sister’s imminent marriage. He downplays the obstacles that Tamara and Íñigo faced during the preparations and focuses on the radiant sun shining in Madrid in these first days of July. He also emphasizes his optimism that the good weather will continue on the wedding day.

Amparo Corsini’s Support and Elegance

Accompanying Manuel Falcó is his wife, Amparo Corsini, who has been actively involved in the wedding preparations. Tamara expressed her gratitude for the support of her infallible team of advisors, including Amparo Corsini and her sister Ana, among others. Amparo, known for her impeccable style, displayed her elegance at the Teatro Real in Madrid, wearing a total black look with a long dress, flat sandals, and a sack-style bag.

Meaningful Details in Tamara and Íñigo’s Wedding

Tamara and Íñigo’s wedding is filled with winks and memories. One significant detail is Tamara completing her Carolina Herrera wedding outfit with a tiara lent by her sister-in-law, Amparo. Amparo previously wore the tiara at her own wedding to Manuel Falcó in 1999. The couple shares a beautiful family, and they will join in the weekend of celebrations.

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Celebrities and Opera

Many celebrities, including Manuel Falcó and Amparo Corsini, had the opportunity to enjoy the opera and coincided with familiar faces. Among them were the Duke of Alba, Pedro Almodóvar, Ana Botella, Jaime Peñafiel, and Paloma Segrelles. The countdown to Tamara Falcó’s wedding also includes a getaway to Mallorca for Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco.

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