“Manuela Vega-Penichet’s Spectacular Wedding Celebration: An Unforgettable Church Exit in “

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The Wedding of Manuela Vega-Penichet and Álvaro Taracena

The wedding of Manuela Vega-Penichet and Álvaro Taracena, held this Saturday afternoon in Madrid, will be remembered for the immense happiness of the couple after going down the aisle.

A Curious and Original Celebration

However, the curious and original celebration that the brand new couple has experienced on the part of their guests will not be forgotten on this very important day. It happened at the doors of the Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes in the capital, when that unique and very striking moment took place that is undoubtedly part of his photo album.

A Ceremony Full of Tradition and Jerez Charm

At the moment when we saw the handcuffed leave the temple to cheers and applause, the groom’s friends raised their hands towards him sky and interlocked their hockey sticks, known in slang by their English name of ‘sticks’, to give the newlyweds a little walk. A scene that can be understood from Álvaro’s past as a player of this sport that his father instilled in him from a young age, militating in the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid and reaching the Division of Honor category.

The Enclave and the Arrival

The protagonists have said ‘yes, I want’ in an enclave located in the heart of the city in the Malasaña neighborhood, swearing eternal love between the walls of this religious construction founded by Felipe III at the beginning of the XVII century. Manuela got there in a spectacular vintage convertible car that was driven by her father, Juan Vega-Penichet, whose face was the spitting image of the pride he felt for his daughter.

The Bride’s Radiant Look

The bride looked radiant with her impressive dress with a long train, which she accompanied with a veil, her hair up and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hands. Her permanent smile, before and after the ceremony, attested to how happy she was on a magical date that she will keep forever in her memory. Finally, she and her husband got into the wedding car to head to the banquet that was taking place at the exclusive Puerta de Hierro club, where they have gathered their loved ones and friends.

Continuing the Tradition

For the family of Manuela, it has been a few weeks of joy and great events, since a little more than a month ago Álvaro Gomis was married to Lucía Domínguez Vega-Penichet, one of Tamara Falcó’s best friends. The Marquise de Griñón and her mother, Isabel Preysler, as well as her sister Ana Boyer attended the event on May 20, which had the church of Santa Bárbara in Madrid as the setting.

Remembering Other Clan Weddings

Remembering other clan weddings, Carla Vega-Penichet said ‘yes, I want’ to Carlos Cortina in the Cádiz town of Jerez de la Frontera in September 2021, while María Vega-Penichet Fierro did the same in 2018 with Fernando Ramos de Lucas in a celebration in the capital of Spain attended by some faces of royalty and the aristocracy, such as princes Christian of Hannover and Sassa de Osma.

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