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'Many Believe You Can't Be Both Gay and Christian'

‘Many Believe You Can’t Be Both Gay and Christian’

Robin Roberts, the cheerful host of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” recently opened up about her experience of coming out to her audience in late 2013. During an appearance on the podcast “The Jamie Kern Lima Show,” hosted by entrepreneur and bestselling author Jamie Kern Lima, Roberts discussed reconciling her identity with her Christian faith.

In the first part of their two-part interview, Roberts and Lima explored the host’s life, touching on themes like success, self-worth, and self-love. The conversation ranged from Roberts’ fears of social rejection due to her identities, her interview with President Obama on marriage equality, and her journey of overcoming health challenges while accepting that she’s “worthy of love.”

“It’s not the ‘Robin Roberts Show,’ it’s ‘Good Morning America,’” Roberts stated. “There are so many livelihoods depending on the success of our show. So if I do something that hurts the show, it hurts them.” She described how she would introduce her partner Amber when seen together but wasn’t fully ready to be open. “Part of it is because of my Christianity,” she revealed.

Roberts admitted that fear of rejection as both “gay and a Christian” held her back from coming out openly. “I was afraid people would think you can’t be both. And I am. I was so fearful that I would be shunned,” she explained. After her announcement about Amber, she received a supportive letter from the National Office of the Presbyterian Church, which made her realize the needless worry she had carried for years.

“You know everything about me,” Roberts reflected. “I have nothing to hide, and to still be embraced is a blessing. I am grateful.”

“The Jamie Kern Lima Show” has soared in popularity, hitting the #1 spot in Apple Podcasts’ Self-Improvement category and breaking into the top 15 of all Apple Podcasts within its first two weeks.

The latest episode, featuring Robin Roberts’ interview, is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube.