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Marcelo Gallardo questioned his continuity in River: “It may be the most difficult decision of my life”

In the midst of the joy for the consecration in the Professional League, the fans of River they came across a statement from Marcelo gallardo that, for the first time, really filled them with doubts as to how much their continuity in the club will be. “It can be the most difficult decision of my life,” he said when talking about his future.

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They were seven years of a lot of wear, a lot of focus on a club that doesn’t give you much respite: today you won and tomorrow you have to win again. You have to be prepared for that, “said Gallardo during an interview with ESPN.

Gallardo recalled that his contract ends in December. “It is the first time that I am in a position in which my relationship is ending. I have given everything to this club until today. I think it is the first time, beyond which I have spent some time analyzing all the effort that it demands. I think I deserve the possibility of rethinking what to do “he continued. And he added: “It takes a lot of energy to continue. With a bond as strong as the one I have with the institution ”.

I’m going to reflect on it, I’m going to rethink it”, Insisted the most successful coach in the history of River, who stressed that so far he was only focused on winning the Professional League.

And he explained: “From now on, after having enjoyed today, I’m going to seriously rethink what to do. Why, for everything I said earlier. River deserves that one be in charge of this management with a lot of energy and there has been a lot of wear all these years, beyond all the joys ”.

“Beyond the reflection I have to make, the decision I make is going to be very difficult. Sportingly speaking, we go through a lot of situations, but personally it may be the hardest of my life“, Hill.

Marcelo Gallardo was excited to meet his children to celebrate the championship

In the midst of the celebrations for the consecration in the Professional League, Marcelo gallardo He lived a moment of great emotion when he met his children in the middle of the Monumental playing field.

Marcelo Gallardo won his first league with River

This is the Title 13 of the Doll in River: he got seven internationally and six locally, although this is his first league.

The 13 titles that Marcelo Gallardo won in River

  • South American Cup 2014
  • Recopa Sudamericana 2015
  • Copa Libertadores 2015
  • Suruga Bank 2015
  • Recopa Sudamericana 2016
  • Argentina Cup 2016
  • Argentina Cup 2017
  • Supercopa Argentina 2017 (Disputed in 2018)
  • Libertadores Cup 2018
  • Recopa Sudamericana 2019
  • Argentina Cup 2019
  • Argentine Super Cup 2019 (Disputed in 2021)
  • Professional Football League 2021

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