Marco Rubio Net Worth: Details Unfolded

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Marco Rubio is an American politician, lawyer, and author who has served as a Republican senator representing Florida since 2010. Since running in the 2016 presidential election, Rubio enjoys a major media presence. Like other politicians, his political career, too, has been full of ups, downs, victories, defeats, and controversies. 

Currently focused on re-election, Rubio is the only Republican on the primary ballot in Florida. Besides his political career, he has authored not one but three different books – 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future, An American Son: A Memoir, and American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity. 

Here’s everything about Marco Rubio’s net worth, including his assets and other details. 

Marco Rubio’s Early Life and Career 

Marco Antonio Rubio is the third of four children born to his Cuban-immigrant parents – Oriales and Marco Rubio Reina, in Miami, Florida. Born on the 28th of May 1971, his current age is 51. Rubio’s parents became naturalized citizens of the country in 1975. 

Rubio received a football scholarship to Tarkio College in Missouri; however, left shortly and attended a community college in Gainesville, Florida, to complete his education. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Florida in 1993 and decided to study law. He earned his law degree from the University of Miami, School of Law in 1996. While studying law, his interest in politics deepened manifold, leading him to intern for Republican congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Rubio later worked on Bob Dole’s presidential campaign.

In 1998, Rubio was elected to the West Miami City Commission. Within four years of completing his law degree, he was elected to the Florida House of Representatives. Rubio served the Republicans in various capacities over the next eight years before getting elected to the US Senate in 2010.  

On a personal front, Rubio married Jeanette Dousdebes in 1998. Together, they share four children and live in Miami, Florida. 

What is Marco Rubio’s Net Worth? 

Marco Rubio is one of the most famous politicians in America, and his followers admire him to their heart’s content. The leader served his country and its people well and continues doing so. He has also been a good author. Thus, it would not be a surprise if his net worth looks impressive. 

According to a few reports and resources, Marco Rubio’s net worth is $85 million. Here is the breakdown of his net worth: 

  • Business Income – $290,000
  • Assets and Investments – $59 million 
  • Taxes – $4 million 

Besides his political career, Rubio has earned around $1 million from his book sales. Not many people know this, but the politician earns $18,000 a year for teaching college courses at Florida International University. In 2018, he was in the red (down -$1.2 million). 

Marco Rubio’s Assets 

With an impressive net worth comes a luxurious lifestyle, and the politician doesn’t mind splurging when it comes to maintaining the same. Reportedly, Mario Rubio owns 11 properties and eight cars. Recently, he bought a brand-new Lincoln Nautilus at a price of $63,000. He also owns an Aston Martin DB11. Other cars parked in Rubio’s residence include Jaguar XF, Lexus ES, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Audi RS Q8, BMW X9, etc. 

The senator lives in one of the posh properties in Florida, spreading 15,000 square feet. The mansion speaks volumes about luxury. It has ten bathrooms, two pools, and beautifully decorated interiors. Rubio bought the property for $18 million. 

Marco Rubio is an Avid Watch Collector 

Talk about luxury, and Rubio knows how to live it. Besides his car and properties, the senator is also fond of collecting vintage watches. Over the years, many wealthy donors have gifted him luxury vintage watches. Thus, if you are a connoisseur of vintage watches, the details of Rubio’s collection are going to make you jealous. 

His collection includes the following prized possessions: 

  • Patek Philippe – $240,000
  • Hublot – $600,000
  • Roger Dubuis – $260,000
  • Girard Perregaux – $160,000
  • Grand Seiko – $30,000 

Lesser-Known Facts about Marco Rubio 

  • Marco Rubio hates disco music. In one of his up, close, and personal interviews, he called the ‘70s a ‘very frightening time’ and stated ‘we had to overcome disco and bell bottoms and the Bee Gees.’ Rubio is fond of music, and his current favorite artist is Nicki Minaj. 
  • Joining politics wasn’t the first job that Rubio worked in. Before politics and professorship, Rubio built cages for exotic birds at his brother-in-law’s import-export company.
  • Rubio’s wife, Jeanette, is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader who posed in the squad’s first swimsuit calendar. 
  • When he is not working, Rubio enjoys his time watching movies. His favorite movies include Wedding Crashes, Pulp Fiction, and Godfather. 
  • Touted as America’s favorite politician, he is known as Tony from his middle name. 
  • Under his professorship, Rubio took teaching political science at Florida International University in Miami very seriously. He took up this career path in 2008. 
  • According to Rubio, the coolest thing he has done in his political career was ‘catch passes from Dan Marino and Tim Tebow’.
  • Rubio wrote his book ‘100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future’ while preparing for his term as a speaker of the House in Florida legislature. 
  • Rubio is baptized as a Mormon. He attended LDS youth groups and idolized the Osmonds but later in his youth converted to Catholicism. 

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