Margot Robbie explains the different versions of Harley Quinn

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The Suicide Squad will mark the third entry of Margot Robbie in the DC Extended Universe like the popular Harley Quinn. In the five years since his debut as the character in Suicide Squad, by David Ayer, there were ups and downs for the villain. Everything indicates that Harley’s participation in The Suicide Squad, de James Gunn, you will cycle through some personality changes from the psychotic clown.

The big difference in this opportunity is that Harley finally accepted her separation from the Joker. This sure means that there will be no participation of Jared Leto As the Clown Prince of Crime in Gunn’s movie. The most important thing for her is that she discovered her own worth as a person independently of others.

Harley Quinn en The Suicide Squad

“I think in the first movie she had a certain confidence and arrogance, knowing that she had the protection of the Joker. She would go on the mission with the idea that he would rescue her at any moment. That was his prerogative in that film. On Birds of Prey he found a dark and cold world. Time passed and it’s not connected to the other movies, but it’s not something Harley is struggling with. She is not waiting for Mr. J and she is not wondering if she can do it alone. He knows”, remarked the actress speaking to The Toronto Sun.

Robbie also referenced that each of his participation in the DCEU It was with a different director, but that didn’t bother her at all. After all there is “many facets to Harley’s personality”, as highlighted by the actress who also adopted a similar attitude in each of her entries as the character.

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“Often you are reading a comic and they leave you in one place and when you resume they do it with different characters and the one who died before is there. You go with the flow”, said the interpreter and continued: “I switched between The New 52 and the old comics and none of that stopped me from enjoying the stories.”

The Suicide Squad hit theaters and HBO Max next August 6.

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