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Margot Robbie Shines as Barbie in Claudia Schiffer’s Iconic Versace Ensemble

Margot Robbie: The Sensation of the Moment

Margot Robbie is currently making waves in the entertainment industry due to her role in the highly anticipated Barbie movie. However, it is not only her acting skills that are capturing attention, but also her impressive press tour in Australia.

Since arriving in her native country, the actress has been attending numerous events related to the film. She has been seen dressed in breathtaking outfits that only a real-life doll could pull off.

A Nod to the Past: The Sydney Premiere

Robbie recently attended the Sydney premiere of the Barbie movie at the Museum of Contemporary Art. She turned heads by donning an iconic look originally worn by supermodel Claudia Schiffer in 1995.

The vintage outfit consisted of a baby pink minidress adorned with shiny sequins on every inch of the fabric. It featured a striking sweetheart neckline, spaghetti straps, corset-like tummy panels, and a short, flared skirt.

To add a chic twist to the ensemble, Robbie’s stylist, Andrew Mukamal, paired it with PVC slippers by Manolo Blahnik. She opted for understated jewelry by Jessica McCormack and sported a fresh pink manicure with metallic accents.

To emulate the doll’s iconic look, the Wolf of Wall Street star styled her blonde hair with a middle part and loose waves. Her makeup consisted of baby pink lipstick, pink blush, and foundation that gave her skin a doll-like effect.

Robbie confidently posed in front of the cameras, radiating beauty and glamour as she flashed a smile at the photographers. She was accompanied by producer Greta Grewing, who also rocked a chic ensemble.

The Greeting Look: Another Schiffer-Inspired Outfit

Prior to the premiere, Margot Robbie interacted with her fans while wearing another look reminiscent of Claudia Schiffer. This time, the outfit consisted of a metallic pink pleated miniskirt, a pink knit sweater, knee-highs, and white vintage pumps.

Schiffer originally modeled this ensemble exclusively in 1994; however, Robbie added her own touch by opting for white sneakers instead of Schiffer’s long lavender boots with metal tips.

A Worldwide Celebration

After promoting one of the most highly anticipated films of the year in Australia, Margot Robbie will celebrate her 33rd birthday while globe-trotting as a Barbie tribute. Alongside Ryan Gosling, she will present the film in various parts of the world, including Mexico.

In Mexico, Robbie and Gosling will participate in a fan event to promote the film and spend time with their dedicated fans before its release on July 20. While Robbie continues her tour in Australia, Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu, who plays Ken in the movie, are attending various events in Toronto.

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