Margot Robbie’s Barbie-inspired Pink Dress Exudes Glamor in South Korea

The Actress Margot Robbie Wows Fans at “Barbie” Premiere

The actress Margot Robbie conquered her fans when she attended the premiere of the movie Barbie in Seoul, South Korea. The celebrity captivated by wearing a pink midi dress with rhinestones, a tulle skirt with ruffles and a pronounced neckline with the who showed off her toned silhouette.

Robby, 33, complemented her look in the style of a Barbie doll with pink sneakers and a bag of the same color but with diamonds. We recommend Margot Robbie captivated at the premiere of “Barbie“.

The Australian beauty wore makeup in light shades as her blonde hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders. The outfit worn by the actress was inspired by the outfit that was launched for the doll in the eighties as part of Barbie’s “Day to Night”.

Another Stunning Look from Margot Robbie at Barbie Premiere

Margot Robbie arrived with a smile from ear to ear on the pink carpet at the premiere of the Barbie movie in South Korea, which was also attended by America Ferrera and the film’s director, Greta Gerwig. To honor the character she plays, the actress wore another outfit during the event. The other set consisted of a pink midi skirt and a blazer of the same style with a pink bag, white heels with pink and a white hat.

Margot Robbie’s Behind-The-Scenes Secrets from Barbie Movie

During the promotional tour of the film, the Hollywood star revealed some secrets of the recording, including how he shot Barbie’s iconic feet while pretending to be wearing heels. Margot Robbie recounted that it took eight takes to pull off the scene and she was helped by a pole that she held onto as she walked, but she didn’t want to use a stunt double.

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