“María Aura Delivers a Heartfelt Performance Discussing a Sensitive Subject”

“María Aura Delivers a Heartfelt Performance Discussing a Sensitive Subject”

María Aura: A Career of Perseverance and Self-Improvement

María Aura, a 40-year-old Mexican actress, has established herself as a well-respected figure in the entertainment industry. Over the course of her 37-year career, she has worked in film, television, and theater, overcoming many challenges that come with being an actor. Despite this, she remains positive and determined to keep learning and growing as an artist.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

María believes that her greatest success is her ability to never give up. “It is a very tough, very frustrating, and very difficult race,” she says. “But I think that the great success is to continue preparing yourself and taking advantage of downtime when there is no work to create independent projects that matter to you and interest you. To continue training yourself, filling yourself with life, the world, culture, and having more to offer when that character comes to you.”

Overcoming Obstacles

As with any profession, María has had to deal with constant rejections. “My biggest obstacle is facing many refusals, many frustrated castings,” she explains. “It’s a very big obstacle, and I’m not just saying it, fortunately I realize now that it’s an issue that all actresses and actors deal with, which is with rejection. It’s very hard for self-esteem, for the mood. Suddenly you say ‘maybe I’m not good for this. Why am I still here?'”

Facing Stereotypes and Challenges

María recognizes that women in the entertainment industry face unique challenges. “Life is very cruel, especially with women. They make us think that after 30 our career is going to end,” she says. “Now that I’m 40, this year I’m going to turn 41, I see that on the contrary. I feel that right now, my career is taking a very interesting turn towards much more complex characters, much more fun to interpret.”

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God Will Make You Invisible with This Sword

María has produced and starred in the theatrical monologue God Will Make You Invisible with This Sword, a work that took her husband Alonso Barrera five years to put on stage. It deals with the painful and terrible issue of violence against women in Mexico. Despite the challenges of the subject matter, María finds the work fulfilling. “Although it is very painful, it also offers us the satisfaction of knowing that we are doing something about it and we are not sitting idly by,” she says.

Preparing for the Marathon

Preparing for a stage role requires a lot of concentration, says María. “It’s a fight with myself, I think it’s like running a marathon,” she explains. “The race is not against anyone else, it is against yourself. So I get ready all day. I’ve been concentrating, relaxing, meditating since morning. In the theater, we take two hours to warm up, study, meditate, connect with emotions. It’s all an emotional and mental work to be able to deliver a work that for me is very difficult to do.”

Looking Toward the Future

María Aura has three films set to release and is about to finish recording a series. She is excited for what the future holds and encourages other artists to never give up. “I feel that we must be persevering, fighting, spending time on our work, our career, and filling ourselves with things that help us grow,” she says.

María Aura’s perseverance and determination have helped her overcome countless challenges in her career. She remains a well-respected artist in the industry and continues to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.

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