Maria Chiara de Borbon – Two Sicilies: An Intimate Insight into Her Relationship with Christian of Denmark

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María Chiara de Borbón de las Dos Sicilies (18) reveals the friendship with Prince Christian of Denmark (17)

Maria Chiara de Borbón de las Dos Sicilies, the Italian princess, has recently given an interview to Corriere della Sera where she opens up about her friendship with Prince Christian of Denmark. Maria Chiara and Christian have been friends since their childhood, and their bond has only grown stronger over the years.

“My father is the godfather to Princess Josephine, Christian’s little sister,” Maria Chiara shared. The Borbón family has strong connections with various European royal families. For instance, King Felipe VI is my father’s cousin, and I share a close bond with Princess Leonor. Both of us love sports, particularly women’s football. Additionally, one of my best friends is Alejandra de Hannover, the youngest daughter of Carolina de Monaco,”

María Chiara and María Carolina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies with Christian of Denmark

The close relationship between Maria Chiara and Prince Christian was evident when they were spotted together in May at the Formula 1 event in Monaco. Alongside other friends and María Carolina, Maria Chiara’s older sister, they enjoyed the race and displayed the strong bond they share.

María Chiara’s perspective on Christian

During the interview, Maria Chiara emphasized their wonderful friendship, stating that they understand each other well and have a lot of fun together. These statements from Maria Chiara clarify the speculations that arose following their public appearance together at the car racing event.

María Chiara is a multi-linguist, fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and French. She divides her time between Paris, Monaco, St. Tropez, and Rome. Currently studying fashion and social sciences, María Chiara is also an ambassador for WWF in Italy and France. She dreams of creating her own fashion label in the future. Despite her royal lineage, María Chiara asserts that she enjoys the same activities as other young people her age, including social media, going to clubs, shopping, and traveling with friends.

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While María Chiara is not the heir to the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, her sister María Carolina, who recently turned 20, will assume the title. Nevertheless, María Chiara still feels a deep responsibility to preserve the history of her royal family and maintains a strong connection with the land where the Bourbons once reigned.

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