María Elena Ríos Exposes “Predatory” Allegations Against Tenoch Huerta

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María Elena Ríos details her accusations of being a “predator” against Tenoch Huerta

Just a week ago, Mexico and the world were shaken by the words of the saxophonist María Elena Ríos, who accused the actor Tenoch Huerta of being a “sexual predator”, and the group of Prieto power of being a sect.

Tenoch’s response took a few days to arrive, obviously denying such serious accusations, but now Ríos has counterattacked with a Twitter post detailing why he is accusing the actor.

Putting his future in the Marvel franchise at risk

Huerta has had a prolific career in Mexico, with productions such as Güeros (94%), Semana Santa (100%) and Mexican Gangster (86%), but in recent years she has begun to venture into Hollywood, with La purge forever (65%), and more recently with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (88%), which was a great box office success and served to catapult the Mexican to world fame, since he played a classic character from Marvel, Namor, who survived the end of the film with the promise that we would see him again in future installments.

An accusation as serious as being called a “sexual predator” cannot be ignored, and puts his future in the Marvel franchise at risk. Marvel Studios, since 2017, the #MeToo movement led Hollywood to be extremely strict with those accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

Before what was revealed by Ríos, Huerta was known above all for his acting career and for his activism against racism and discrimination of all kinds.

The details of María Elena Ríos’ accusations

In the most recent publication of the saxophonist, he assured that he was a victim of “gaslighting” and “pit play”. The first, also known as gaslighting (name taken from a play that was made into a movie and starring Ingrid Bergman), is a type of abuse that consists of making the victim believe that they are crazy, and making them doubt its reality. The second is when an abuser distorts reality to become the victim. Ríos assures that other women from Poder Prieto are accomplices of Huerta, and that when she told them about her experience, they told her that she was “deconstructing”.

One of the accusations that has had the most impact is that Ríos said that the actor removed the condom without warning, which is a crime known as stealthing.

The journey of María Elena Ríos

María Elena Ríos has become an emblematic figure in recent years in the feminist struggle, especially in the battle against acid violence, a horror she herself had to endure in 2019. A native of Santo Domingo Tonalá, northwest of Oaxaca, she studied at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and became in a talented professional interpreter.

However, the darkest chapter of his life occurred when the businessman and former Oaxacan deputy, Juan Antonio Vera Carrizal, crossed his path. After establishing a sentimental relationship with him, María Elena began to experience episodes of violence that eventually led her to end the courtship.

In an unfortunate and tragic turn, the decision triggered a monstrous act of violence: in September 2019, María Elena was the victim of an acid attack, organized by her ex-partner. The toxic substance left deep scars, covering 70% of her face and body and forcing her to undergo several surgeries to save her life.

But María Elena, far from being defeated, decided to transform her experience into a fight for justice, demanding that her attacker face the legal consequences of her actions. In addition to her attempts to bring justice to her personal case, Ríos has spent countless hours raising awareness about this type of violence and gathering testimonies from other women who have suffered similar atrocities.

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