María Eugenia Arboleda Goes From Yo Soy Betty

Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the Colombian production “I am Betty, the ugly one” conquered the hearts of millions across Latin America. Despite the passing years, the characters from the beloved show are still remembered fondly by many. While the show helped to launch the careers of some cast members, like Ana María Orozco who played “Betty,” it did not have the same effect on others, such as María Eugenia Arboleda who played Mariana.

After her time on the show, Arboleda stepped away from the spotlight and dedicated herself to her personal life. In an interview, she revealed that she has been living in the United States for some time with her husband Bob King, an American nuclear engineer, and their son Santiago.

Though Arboleda no longer appears on television, she is still dedicated to the world of acting. The histrionisa works as a theater professor at a university in Atlanta, Georgia, where she also occasionally directs productions.

Many of her students go on to pursue careers in Hollywood, and Arboleda is proud of the way her classes help prepare them for success. Although she no longer appears on screen as an actress, she is always on the lookout for opportunities to play new characters in film or television.

Despite the passage of time, the nostalgia for “I am Betty, the ugly one” endures, and many fans still follow the lives of its former cast members. María Eugenia Arboleda may have left her role as Mariana behind, but her dedication to the world of acting lives on.

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